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FNF Vs Hypno Lullaby Mod

FNF Vs Hypno Lullaby Mod is a horror mod with a slight connection to the Pokemon animation, and you must battle them in this fascinating music game.

FNF Vs Hypno Lullaby Mod has many different game modes for you to choose from, you may play as a GF hunting for her lover, meeting Hypno – a monster in Pokemon, and having to battle this monster to continue the adventure. You may also play as a boyfriend who must win all the fights to impress your girlfriend’s father. There are a lot of intriguing stories in this Friday Night Funkin Mods mod.

The music in FNF Vs Hypno Lullaby Mod is peaceful, but not without terror. The mod includes four songs: Safety Lullaby, Left Unchecked, Missingno, and Monochrome. The pictures and motions of the characters in the mod are highly realistic, clearly displaying each character’s terror.

If you enjoy both the horror genre and the Pokemon film, you should not miss FNF Vs Hypno Lullaby Mod since it contains this fantastic mix. In this interesting music game, you will get to do what you love. To try out the mod right away, go to FNF Mods.


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