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FNF Chainsaw vs Sword

FNF Chainsaw vs Sword is officially ready. All gamers will be impressed by our character’s new look.

Game Story

FNF Chainsaw vs Sword In these FNF Mods, you will fight on the battlefield as a Chainsaw against a living Sword (Katana guy). Perform “Razoblade” as a solo tube. This component was inspired by the popular Japanese comic Chainsaw Man Volume 5.

FNF Chainsaw vs Sword’s characters are as unique as their strategy. You will portray Denji, the primary character who has the power to transform into a humanoid integrated supply. Denji is alone with his thoughts and living the most idyllic life possible until Katana Man unexpectedly appears and intends to murder him instantaneously.

Friday Night Funkin depicts two worlds, one dazzling and the other lifeless and dead. If you’re a brand-new player, you may try out the versions below by going to FNF Online to find out something about the mod and buying it from the link up top.

Original FNF Credits:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – TASTY MUSIC
  • AND everyone that contributed to the GitHub source.

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